Who We Are

At College of Suffolk, we have a highly dedicated School Liaison Team that work in partnership with schools, sixth forms, academies, IAG providers and other services to encourage and inform young people all around Suffolk and beyond about their future education and career opportunities.

We’re extremely passionate about delivering our extensive service to any students in years 8 through to year 13.  We’ve been working together for a number of years now, bringing impartial advice and guidance to the Suffolk area, through our work with a wide cohort of schools, sixth forms and other organisations across the region.


Our Size and Experience

We’re one of the largest school liaison teams in Suffolk, with access to a wide range of resources.  Our team members come from a diverse range of backgrounds, which means we each have something unique to offer in our advice and guidance.  Within our team, we have experience in the fields of education, business and even performing arts!

Each member of our team has a minimum of a level 3 qualifications in Advice and Guidance, or they are working towards obtaining it.  Together we’re an award-winning team, with expert knowledge of FE, HE and apprenticeships, which are offered through ourselves and our partner organisations UCEN Suffolk and Total People.


Our Expertise and Excellence

Every single member of our team has a minimum of a Level 3 qualification in Advice and Guidance, or they are working towards obtaining it. Together we’re an award-winning team, having been recognised for our ‘Outstanding Team Contribution for All Round Excellence’ by the College.


Our Impartiality and Dedication

Having secured Matrix accreditation again this year, we are able to offer impartial advice and guidance where appropriate, to any students considering their future options.  We’re fully committed to helping every student succeed, and this is why each school and sixth form we work with has their own dedicated School Liaison Advisor.

They work closely with schools and their students to support them with their choices and post 16 and 18 options.


Our Innovation and Creativity

We are experts in the field of further education and offer innovative solutions to ensure young people receive the most beneficial advice about their education and career opportunities.

We are always developing new and creative ways to support students and provide them with invaluable information. This is achieved through our delivery of workshops, classroom sessions and other events.

We are also happy to modify our sessions, or even create brand new, bespoke sessions just for your school or sixth form. These bespoke sessions can be focused on employability, post-16 options, HE, apprenticeships or specific subjects. If you have an idea of an event you would like us to deliver, please contact us.


Working with us

We are happy to work with all schools and sixth forms in the region in any capacity. This can include a wide range of workshops, classroom sessions, assemblies, parents’ evenings and careers conventions.

We are always pleased to build relationships with new schools and sixth forms, as well as maintaining and building upon our current ones.  We like to keep our schools and sixth forms up to date with the exciting work of the Liaison Team, through our termly newsletter.