Enrichment is one of the best parts of student life at College of Suffolk. It’s your opportunity to really make the most of your time with us, the chance to try something new, get involved with something you love and make new friends.

You’ll have loads of fun with a whole range of activities to get involved with, groups to join, and guest speakers to hear from. Most importantly though, you’ll be learning and developing some fantastic skills outside of the classroom, the kind that employers and universities really want you to have. You could be perfecting those communication skills in team sports like football or volleyball, or doing some problem solving as you help organise one of our special themed events. Or maybe you could be pushing your self-motivation as you compete in one of our entrepreneurial competitions. There’s so much to do, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Activities / Groups

From sports and performing arts, to cross-college competitions and full weeks of themed events, you’ll definitely find something for you!

Student Council

Want a say on how the college is run? Join the Student Council and you’ll get to represent your friends and make some important changes.

Student Voice

We want to hear from every one of our students about life at College of Suffolk. This is your chance to tell us what you think.

Student Union

The brand new Student Union is coming very soon, and it’s all set to give you more events, support and incredible opportunities.