Suffolk has plenty of opportunities for arts and cultures in its towns. With its various galleries, museums, and theatres, you’ll never have a weekend being bored!



Suffolk has an endless list of galleries in the area, with many styles and exhibitions going on throughout the year. Work is shown from new artists and famous ones, and there is always something to suit your style. Their collections include sculptures, paintings, fine art, ceramics, and contemporary art, just to name a few.  Some of them even hold classes in hobbies such as painting, drawing, and pottery; great for continuing your interest in something, or trying something new.



As with the galleries, Suffolk has a whole range of museums to suit every interest. Many of the towns have museums about their local area, so these are great to get to know the new place that you’re living in. Framlingham Castle will tell you about some of the incredible events that have happened in Suffolk over the past 1000 years, and often has events and exhibitions on for you to enjoy. There are many other museums to do with the military, transport, or aviation, all hosting events throughout the year. These museums will give you plenty of new information and are great for a day out after a week of study.



Theatres in Suffolk not only provide quality entertainment, but they also host workshops, talks, and art exhibitions. You can also enjoy touring shows, regional stories, and stand-up comedy. The New Wolsey theatre in Ipswich is local for those studying at the University of Suffolk, and has a lovely terrace where you can enjoy the sun and a drink at any time. And for those of you who enjoy live music, Suffolk theatres host many shows throughout the year, showing big names and local talent.