Places to visit

Suffolk is an incredibly diverse area, with plenty of places to visit that would suit your style. Whether you prefer the modern towns and attractions, or the old, ancient villages, the area won’t disappoint.

Old Villages

Suffolk has some of the oldest towns and villages in Britain, so make sure you visit some of them during your stay here. Winding country roads, village pubs, and the countryside make it a relaxing day out. You will be able to find out about the history of the village, and hear lots of folk stories about the surrounding area, like this one about Dunwich, known as the Lost City of Britain. The tiny village used to be the capital of the Kingdom of the East Angles, but storm surges from the 1200’s-1300’s destroyed much of it, with one storm surge wiped out 400 homes and 2 churches. Some say that you can her the drowning church bells ringing on certain nights.



Shopping in Suffolk can be anything from one of the exciting centres to the bustling farmers markets. There are plenty of big shopping centres, in the towns such as Bury St Edmunds and Ipswich. These have all the big, popular brands we all know and love. If you prefer independent shops, Woodbridge, Southwold and Beccles are the places for you. Little restaurants and cafe’s are also in the area, so you can make a day of shopping. To make the day all the more exciting, market’s take place in most of these towns; ones that have been going on for hundreds of years, so make sure you take a look at those, and grab a bargain! There are also lots of antique shops for you to have a wander in; great as part of a little sightseeing in Suffolk!



There are plenty of attractions in Suffolk (some very unique!). Pleasurewood Hills is an adventure park in the area with thrill rides, laser tag, and much more. If you’re looking for something slightly more relaxing, Suffolk has plenty of parks for you to visit, either with friends, or just on your own. Bring a book and sit in the gardens at Christchurch Park, or take a walk around Holywells Park during your study break.