Personal Tutors

Your personal tutor is your first port of call at College of Suffolk. They’re here to help you achieve your full potential, offer you any extra support you might need, and listen to any concerns, problems or worries that you might have.

As soon as you start a full-time programme of study with us, you’ll be given a personal tutor. This person will be there for you whenever you need them, and will help with your personal development throughout your course, look after your welfare at college and guide you onto the next stage in your education or career.


How can a personal tutor help?

A personal tutor will be the first person you contact if you need any help or advice during your time with us. They’ll meet with you regularly– either on your own or as part of group – and will:

  • Help you to keep track of your progress
  • Make sure you’re attending classes and are on-time to lessons
  • Work closely with you to set targets, so you can work hard and achieve to the best of your abilities
  • Support you with learning, coursework, assignments and exams
  • Discuss your future plans and help you work towards a promising career
  • Refer you to the right people, if you’re worried, have problems on your course, or difficulties in your personal life.


Attending tutorials

Tutorials are an essential part of your timetable and take place on a weekly basis. They may be as part of a group or as an individual one-to-one appointment. Your personal tutor or a student mentor will lead these sessions, which will cover a variety of interesting and exciting topics, each designed to help your development at college and prepare you for the future.

You’ll get at least four one-to-one reviews over the academic year with your personal tutor, where you’ll be able to develop own personal learning plan (LIP) and then access later online.


If you’re studying part-time

If you’re studying part time, your personal tutor is likely to be your class teacher. They can give you general advice and let you know who to contact if you have problems. You won’t usually have a regular meeting with your tutor, but they are there to help at any time, if you need it.