At College of Suffolk, we support all students and staff regardless of their religion, faith or belief. We have multi-faith contemplation rooms throughout our campuses and spaces available for those who have no particular faith or belief.

In the UK, approximately 60% of the population identifies with some form of religion, and students at College of Suffolk reflect this too. In 2015/2016, 57% declared a religion, faith or belief system. That’s why you’ll find a number of private contemplation rooms on the majority of our campuses, which are ideal places for prayer, quiet thought, reflection and meditation.


Interfaith week

Throughout the year, we celebrate a range of faith-based festivals and events, and regularly unite as a college for interfaith week. To get more information and find out how you can be involved, contact the student experience team at your campus.


Learning more

To help develop your understanding of different religions, multiple faiths and a variety of belief systems, you’ll be able to learn more as part of your study programme in your tutorial sessions.